Why should I shred my documents?
Shredding is the only prudent method of ensuring that your private and confidential information is completely destroyed and thus cannot be used by those who would commit fraud with it. Also, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Document Disposal Rule (FTC) SHREDDING, burning or pulverizing and the only approved methods of destroying documents covered by the Federal Law known as FACTA.

What is the basic process of your professional document destruction program?
Once we consult with you and determine the quantity, locations and the type of containers that best meet your needs, we will mutually decide on a schedule, i.e.  weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. On that scheduled day our associate will arrive and open the locked containers, emptying the contents into our wheeled container. That container is taken to our state-of-the-art Mobile Shredding Unit and quickly and completely destroyed. The chain of custody is secure and complete. You are welcome to watch the shredding process, via an onboard live video feed of the actual shredding process.

We really don’t have anything to shred. Why would we need a shredding service?
All businesses have confidential information that should be shredded. Businesses generate financial reports, employee information, customer credit card receipts customer lists, price lists, drafts, bids, payroll information, and memos just to name a few.

What is “dumpster diving” and why should I be concerned?
Dumpster diving is when identity thieves search your dumpster, or other places that your documents end up, for anything they deem is valuable. In 1988 the United States Supreme Court ruled that it is legal to do so. Exceptions are when dumpsters are locked, are inside gates, or posted no trespassing. Legal or not, dumpster diving is a major source of information gained by identity thieves and others that wish to use your information for things not in your or your customers best interest.

Identity theft is on the rise nationwide and the thief’s best source of information is you.  How to you cut the chances of being a victim or how do you prevent identity theft and protect yourself and your client’s, who entrust you with their personal information?  The simple answer is, you hire Secured Shred to provide the most secure, convenient and cost effective state of the art document destruction in the Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA) and Washington DC areas.

Once my documents are in the dumpster they are not my responsibility, right?
That’s incorrect. You are always responsible for the proper and secure storage and destruction of information once it’s in your possession. That is why the only true method of ensuring you have protected yourself, your company and/or your customers is to shred your documents once you no longer need them.

Just how secure is the process?
Once you or your employees put documents into our locked Executive Consoles or wheeled containers, the documents are not touched again. They stay in locked the containers until they are deposited into the high-capacity mobile shredder and are completely destroyed. It is a “no-touch” process.

What areas do you service?
We service Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia and Southern Pa.

What type of shredder do you use?
Secured Shred utilizes an industrial-sized, heavy-duty pierce and tear shredder that shreds your documents to approximately 5/8″ x 5/8″. These fine pieces cannot be reconstructed. Once shredded, the material stays locked and secured in our shredding trucks until we offload it at approved recyclers.

What types of material can you shred?
Just about anything can be shredded and most anything recycled.  Please call or email for details.

How is the material stored and secured for on-going services?
Secured Shred will provide locked containers to suit your needs, free of charge and place them in convenient locations throughout your office. We will also provide the designated contact in your organization with a key to the containers, should anyone accidentally drop something into a container.

How will I know how many or what type of container(s) I may need?
Secured Shred will be happy to consult with you and tailor a solution based on your needs. We will not only determine the type of container(s) you need, we will discuss their placement and frequency of pickup and also make any adjustments due to changing needs on your part and work with you to keep this important aspect of your business within budget.

How often do you come to shred?
We work within your schedule which will ultimately depend on your organization and the amount of material to be shredded.  If your needs change throughout the year, such as with accountants during tax season, we will adjust accordingly either adding or reducing containers or frequency of visits.  If you require extra shred, or even a large purge, we will schedule accordingly.

Once your shredding needs have been assessed and a shredding schedule put in place, your service is conducted when you want, where you want and how you want, with minimal disruption.

Do I need to remove staples, etc. from the paper?
No, you don’t need to remove the paper clips, staples or binder clips, folders, hanging file folders, manila folders, or any other small closures.

What size jobs do you accept?
There is no job too large or too small;  From one box to 100,000 boxes and everything in between.

What if I only need to use your service one time or for annual purge of our records?
We offer one time purge shredding or multiple purges for those who do not want or require recurring services. This is an efficient way to ensure you only maintain those documents that you are required to maintain and are not incurring costly storage charges for those you don’t.

How can I be guaranteed that my sensitive documents have been completely destroyed?
At the end of every secure shred, a Declaration of Destruction is issued to clients. This certificate serves to provide documentation of the proper and complete destruction of the material shredded. You or your assigned representative is always welcome to witness the shredding process via our closed circuit video system mounted in our trucks.

We use a recycler for our documents, so why would I need a shredding service?
Recycling services are not designed to provide security. Your documents are picked up and transported in the state in which you place them into the recycling receptacles.  Should any papers come loose or be otherwise comprised, your confidential information, or that of your clients, will be open to the public. While you may transfer possession of your documents to a recycling company, you cannot transfer responsibility for their proper destruction, i.e. you are still responsible for any information that may be stolen.

Secured Shred not only securely shreds all of your important, sensitive documents; we recycle 100% of the shredded paper.

We store our records, so why do we need a shredding service?
Retaining documents past their scheduled retention period can put you in jeopardy of non-compliance under the privacy legislation.   Once the allotted period of time has passed documents should be destroyed and discarded by way of document shredding and recycling.  Also, the cost of maintaining files room and storage facilities is a prohibitive ongoing cost that can be ended with the shredding of those documents.

Thanks, but we already use an office shredder.
There are a number good of reasons why that is not the most efficient method of ensuring compliance: Having Secured Shred handle your company’s document destruction program saves you time and money. One hundred pounds of paper destroyed with an office shredder will take your employee about 7 hours or more hours to complete.  We can do it in just a few minutes and at a fraction of the cost. Now your employee is available to do the jobs that move your company forward, not stand by a shredding machine. Also, not every employee is authorized to view/handle all documents that should be shredded. By using Secured Shred, all of your confidential material is consolidated into secure and locked bins until our scheduled pickup. At that time the material goes directly from the bin to our state-of-the-art Mobile Shredding Unit and is destroyed onsite. The chain of custody is limited and tight. There is nothing to buy or maintain on your part.

When do I receive my invoice?
The invoice is presented to you immediately after each shred. This way you know exactly your charges based on the service that day

How does Secured Shred charge for its services?
We charge on a per container basis, whether it’s a security console or a single storage box. There is no charge for the containers we provide nor are there any hidden fees for mileage, time, or administrative services.  By charging for our services on a per container basis, you always know EXACTLY what your charge will be.Please call us for a free quote or to set up an onsite assessment of your needs. (link to contact us page)

How do we pay you for your services?
At the time of each service we issue you an invoice that details the services provided, the charges, and it also functions as the Certificate of Destruction.  You can pay cash, check or Credit card at the time or service, or provide the invoice to your accounts payable department.

Do you shred for residential or home office clients?
Secured Shred is one of the few mobile shredding companies that offers both residential and office shredding.


September 15, 2017

Dear Valued Customer:

We are pleased to announce that Secured Shred has officially joined Shred Instead. Together, we are bigger, stronger and better positioned to serve our customers with top-of-the line shredding solutions.

Similar to Secured Shred, Shred Instead is a family-owned document destruction firm that places the utmost value on providing exceptional customer service while delivering on-site secure document destruction services.

There will be no immediate change to the rendering of your shredding solutions. You can continue to count on on-site service and support through Shred Instead’s owner, Chris Chapman, and Customer Service Team which can be reached to answer any questions you may have using the contact information below.


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