Jim Knight is the president and founder of Secured Shred.  Prior to founding Secured Shred Jim had over 25 years’ experience in insurance executive and privacy officer roles for national companies.  He possesses a wealth of knowledge in implementing and sustaining viable document destructions plans and keeping companies as well as individuals in compliance with current legislation.  As a former customer for these services, Jim brings a unique insight into what a business might need to protect both themselves and their customers at the same time.

Jim holds a BS in Business Management from the University of Maryland., College Park, and Graduate studies at The Johns Hopkins University. He also served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Kim Knight is Vice President of Administration, brings extensive experience in all aspects administration.  Kim holds a BS in Environmental Management & Planning from Towson University.

All of Secured Shreds employees are insured and must pass both a national criminal background investigation and drug screening.