Protect your identity and your environment.”

We Recycle
When you partner with  Secured Shred for your document destruction and recycling services, you are not only getting a superb document security company, but you will be partnering with a company whose philosophy it is to value and protect our environment for ourselves as well as our future generations.  Like you, Secured Shred wants to help repair the damage done to our world.  We will work with you to help protect your privacy while at the same time creating a renewable resource that helps to ensure a brighter and greener world for us all.

At Secured Shred Our goal is to work with you, our client, to develop and maintain greener business practices that will help sustain our fragile environment. Secured Shred partners with several large paper recycling vendors in the Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA) and Washington DC area’s to ensure that 100% of your securely shredded paper is recycled.

These days there are greener choices for just about everything a consumer could possibly need or want so why not choose Green.