Whether it’s a single box of documents, a warehouse full, or an on-going document security/destruction program, we have a shredding service to fit your needs and budget.  Using our state-of-the-art Mobile Shredding vehicles, we will come to your location to quickly and efficiently destroy your confidential documents in an environmentally friendly manner.  Neither your work-site nor your employees are  disturbed by our process.

Secured Shred service includes:
• Confirmation calls 15 to 30  minutes before pickup
• Flexible service windows
• Professional, attentive, helpful staff
• Immediate Certificates of Destruction issued upon the completion of each job, as your record of compliance

Secured Shred service menu:
• On-site:
witness the shredding at your location through an integrated LCD screen with real-time viewing of the internal shredding process
Off-site: personnel pickup, transport and shred your documents at our secure warehouse.  (Although we always recommend on-site as the most secure process for shredding your documents, this service may not always be conducive to your work environment-for those situations we offer Off-site)
Purge: shred and recycle your old documents, from 1 file box to an entire warehouse
On-going/Recurring: on-going, scheduled service includes free shredding  bins
Product destruction: everything from software to garments
E-waste: destruction and recycling, including hard drives, media, computers, fax machines, etc.
Recycling: 100%  of everything we shred is recycled
24-48 hour on demand: at your service 1 day scheduling turnaround in most of our service zone
Witnessed destruction: watch us shred your paper with Secured Shred mobile shredding trucks
We serve the entire Washington D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia and Sourthern Pennsylvania region.