For those individuals or companies requiring one time or periodic shredding service we offer a purge shredding program to accommodate your needs.  Whether you have a single box or bag of sensitive material, several hundred boxes worth of confidential files, or anything in between; we will come to you and destroy the documents you want destroyed in our On-site and Secure Mobile Shredding Truck. Shredding takes place directly from your files, boxes, bags, or whatever type of receptacle you hold your confidential documents in.  Secured Shred operates on a “no-touch” system.  Learn more about our process

We specialize in providing businesses with prompt and reliable document destruction services. We help you to protect your company and your employees by keeping you in compliance with federal and state legislation. (Links to –HIPPA FACTA, etc.  )  While at the same time protecting you and your clients from identity theft by properly destroying any documents that may contain sensitive information, from a sticky note with a social security code jotted on it, to formal documents with sensitive information on them.

You can no longer feel safe by discarding your old bank statements or credit card bills in the trash.  Identity thieves are on the lookout for any information they can use to gain access to your important financial or medical information.  Don’t take any chances…contact us for information on how we can give you peace of mind that your private information remains private.

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