“It’s not an option-it’s the law!”

Storage of your sensitive files and data in cabinets, closets, offices and warehouses causes substantial liability and possibility for unauthorized viewing, copying or even theft. A scheduled program to systematically rid you of these notes, forms, records and other data will free workspace, improve the general office appearance, and significantly reduce the possibility of security breaches.

Your Security is significantly enhanced by out-sourcing your secured document shredding to Secured Shred. We place Locked containers strategically throughout your facility which allows employees to dispose of sensitive materials in one-way slots.  This system ensures that no other personnel, internal or external will have opportunity to view, copy, or steal sensitive information.

Furthermore, we encourage you to witness your document destruction cycle, starting with our “no touch” system of transporting your documents to our shredding trucks and then through our video monitoring system which allows you to view of the entire shredding cycle.

Our Certificate of Destruction issued on completion will provide proof that your data has been destroyed and acts as an audit and release of liability through your compliant security procedure.

At Secured Shred, our priority is you.  We take excellent customer service as seriously as we do helping you to keep your documents safe and secure.